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I grew up in Clinton Iowa with a large musical family.  Mom played organ at church, and we had an old piano at home where everyone would gather around and sing.  


My first guitar was an old Harmony archtop with a gold foil pickup. You could talk into the pickup and hear yourself in the amp. Unfortunately, I took it apart to see how it worked, and that was the end of the pickup.  I wish I still had that old guitar! I eventually joined a band in high school and have been playing for fun in various bands ever since.  


I graduated from college in Clinton with an Electronics degree.  For a career I worked as a field tech across eastern Iowa on pretty much everything (computers, ATMs, scanners, printers, you name it) until I retired as a computer network admin in Cedar Rapids. 

I fell in love with a beautiful Oskaloosa native named Karann, got married and moved here.  Being new to town, I needed a way to connect to the music scene. What better choice than the local music store? 


I’ve worked here since March 2019 and have loved every minute. I am thrilled to be part of the excitement and culture that is Oskaloosa Music! 


For hobbies, I enjoy working on the old Audi TT convertible, making art guitars (the Tiki one is my favorite), and kayaking around the barrier islands of southwest Florida with Karann.  


To sum it all up: Why do I work at a music store?  I love helping people get in touch with their creative sides.  We all have a creative side. Are you in touch with yours? We’d love to help you with that.


A spirit or source

of inspiration

Muse isn't just a music store, its a place where people can come and get lost in the Lyrics and melody of life. Big or small, there's something for all.

We carry a variety of new and used instruments, equipment and accessories for every musician from beginner to pro.

We also host events to showcase local talent and strengthen the local music community.

Meet The Team


My name is Ashley Flaherty, I was born and raised in Oskaloosa. My passions are my family, my children, and my music. I have been very blessed throughout the course of my life to be surrounded by musicians and passionate people. I know everything from the Beatles to Beyonce. Being a well-rounded listener of lots of genres of music and using my gifts has made me want to chase my dreams of opening a music store and create a destination to inspire others to follow their passions, goals, and gifts.

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Wassup?  I'm Daniel Thatcher and I am from Afton, Iowa.  I've grown up surrounded by music of all types, but my passion for it really grew in high school when I started teaching myself piano.  I am currently a student at William Penn studying music and I am a part of the marching band, concert band, and choir there.  I play the guitar, piano, ukulele, percussion instruments, and bass.  I teach a group ukulele class at the Muse every Saturday morning, so come check it out!


Hey, I’m Brittany Bedford (Sword), I’ve been playing piano, guitar, and singing since 2002, starting with piano & voice lessons then learning to play guitar on my own.  I’ve sung in choirs throughout high school and college, during that time I was also in a few rock bands.  Now I play in my solo act as “Brittany Sword” and record my own music.  Though I’ve been classically trained in piano and voice I was taken by guitar, it is my favorite instrument to play!  I understand and can teach music theory but I see music as universal with many ways to learn and play.  I teach guitar lessons from beginner to intermediate, punk to pop, I can show you how to play the guitar in YOUR own style with fluidity.  


I also repair guitars at Bedford Instrument Repairs in Oskaloosa (instrument drop off/pick-up location is The Muse).


Hi, I'm Marina Flores, originally from San Gabriel, California, I attended San Marino High School where I was part of the chamber choir and performed in Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy.  After graduating in 2013, I went to Pasadena City College and joined both the PCC Concert Choir and Chamber Choir.  I then transferred to Graceland University and earned a degree in Communication with a minor in Music.  While at Graceland University, I was a part of the concert choir, chamber choir, and the a Capella group No Strings Attached.  

I teach vocal and ukulele lessons at The Muse. I have experience with singing/teaching in various languages including Latin, Spanish, Italian, German, and Japanese.  I hope I can also help and inspire students in writing their own songs!

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